NOTE: A Xbox Controller is recommended for the best experience. Proper support for other controllers and a better keyboard layout are planned. For now, please download apps like x360ce if you only have other controllers.

You play as Mako, our hero, whose former friend has turned evil and is hell bent on taking over the world of Eronia! Stop him!

Epic of Eronia is a 2D top-down action RPG that was planned to implement a recruitment system where the Player receives support from the people they are able to recruit. It's a game which will explore how the world constructs and develops its social classification.

We hope you guys would enjoy our game, and please, as always, comment your suggestions! We're always open for changes!


  • Producer / Character Sprite Artist - Hans Antonio
  • Producer / Character Designer / Programmer - Rogi Sta. Maria
  • Programmer / UI Designer - Ken Santos
  • Story Writer / Sound Design - Ken Lin
  • Background Artist - Tine Crispino
  • Quality Assurance / UI Designer - John Vitug

Install instructions

For Windows Users: Unzip the folder anywhere on your PC. Make sure the executable and the data folder are in the same folder.

For Mac Users: Unzip the Application. It is recommended to place it in your /Applications folder.


Epic of Eronia Windows (Zipped) 41 MB
Epic of Eronia Mac (Zipped) 44 MB

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